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The ECFAC works to improve the Industry and public perception of the Cabin Attendant by increasing the understanding of the Flight Attendants / Cabin Crew Members / Flight Technicians as valued Crew Members. Our mission is to add value to all professions involved into service process of the passengers in Business Aviation Industry.

ECFAC's Mission Statement

The ECFAC is dedicated to adding value to the Business Aviation Industry by supporting and ensuring the highest quality…

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Guidelines of ECFAC

The ECFAC is dedicated to adding value to the Business Aviation Industry by supporting and ensuring the highest quality…

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4th European Cabin Service Conference

27.-28.September 2018 in Brussels

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Corporate Flight Attendants

Corporate Flight Attendants positively reflect their Company’s image with complete discretion and confidentiality. Corporate Flight Attendants also provide:

  • Passenger and crew safety
  • Flight operation security
  • Cabin service
  • Stock management
  • Safe food storage and handling
  • Crew communications and liaison
  • Passenger and crew emergency first aid
  • Inventory control
  • Cabin fixture and fittings care and attention
  • Customs, Immigration and Border Control interface
  • Purchase and sourcing of new cabin enhancements
  • Executing industry awareness and keeping up with new trends and ideas for the private jet industry

The ECFAC is dedicated

to adding value to the Business Aviation Industry

By supporting and ensuring the highest quality level of the Flight Attendants (F/A’s), Cabin Crew Members (CCM’s) and Flight Technicians (FT’s) hereby collectively designated as “Cabin Attendants” who operate in the Business Aviation environment. The Committee is formed of 8 volunteer members and 2 full-time employees from the EBAA. Each member is responsible for a different aspect within the Business Aviation environment; this results in a successful annual ECS Conference and continually improves the Industry standards.

We have created various subdivisions of our Committee:

We will develop and inform Caterers of the latest rules, regulations and best practices.

To deliver regular updates via social media ensuring Caterers and Cabin Attendants are fully informed of the latest news and trends.

To educate, share and deliver information.

To find suitable Sponsors who will provide training to candidates who have applied for the scholarship.

To welcome new Attendees and find Sponsors for the Conference.

Upcoming EventsScheduled Project Events and Activities

  • April 10, 2018
  • Open for applications
  • You want to become a Member of the ECFAC? Please click here.
  • September 27, 2018
  • tba
  • Brussels, Belgium

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